How to download your videos from Facebook?

How to download your videos from Facebook?

Do you know How to download your videos from Facebook?

Facebook ID is also our identity in the world of Internet. We communicate with your friends on social media sites. Share photos and videos with your thoughts as well. For many people Facebook page serves as a sort of storage. If necessary, go to our Facebook profile photo and video memories can once again see. Suppose that you are not connected to the Internet and a particular photo or video, you may need to have on your Facebook profile. So, you will be completely Pangu. To avoid such situations, videos and photos posted on Facebook and can be downloaded to the computer.

Note that you can not download every video to Facebook. This social media platform to download the videos you upload are permitted. You can save videos uploaded by others so that they can be viewed later. Also on Facebook, YouTube is set to feature as the offline mode.

How to download your videos from Facebook?

We recently you were ways to save photos from Facebook. Now we will interact with the measure you to download videos. Go to your profile and then page through the menu on the video page. Here you 'videos of you "and" Your videos "option will appear. You 'Your Video' menu. Now on the upper right side of the video thumbnail Move mouse crushers. You'll see a pen-like scars. Click on the trail. Here are several options from which a 'download SD' too. Clicking on the video will be downloaded to your system.

How to download your videos from Facebook?We will explain the features of Facebook that you can download all the videos one click. Yes, Facebook, whenever you the option to download all your data storage.

First, log into your Facebook account and go to Settings. Now go to the settings you see below the "Download a copy" option, click on. Then meet on Facebook, follow the guidelines. After this process, Facebook will provide a copy of an archive of your data.

I hope now you can download videos from your Facebook.
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