How to secure our netbanking Digital (online) transaction?

Did you know How to Secure Our Netbanking Digital (online) Transaction? 

Did you know How to Secure Our Digital Transaction
                       This is the 21st Century and the whole world is going to be digital and as we all knows on 8th November our Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi announces Currency ban of 500 and 1000rs after banning that old currency .we all are facing some issues in our general life we all are taking issues in our general uses things like if we have to purchase any general item we don't have cash to pay shopkeeper.then how to tackle this issue we have some solutions like- Internet banking, Debit card payment digital wallet etc many more service and bank providers are doing some new things for solving our cash issues to going digital.but before going digital we all have to set own mind with that we have to secure own data first then try to use this facility.Everything we use in our general life it's also going to be a part of digitalization and it is easy and also overcomes our life troubles but as we know every coin has two sides one is the tail and another is the head. Tail is like we can use digital things like if we have to book a train ticket we don't have to go at railway station of stand in a queue for book a ticket we just use the Internet and book our ticket without much more effort and so easily we just make payment through Gateway's to ticket site or from whomever we use to purchase things but before doing these things we all have to know some important things to use for our security our Saftey there are several Hackers who are trying to track our details like our bank account atm details, digital wallets etc if we did any mistakes then they got access to our data and theft valuable things from us so  keeping own data safe we only have to follow some important guidelines  then after we can use digital world without any fear or with confidence now I am going to describe what we all have to do while doing digital transactions to anyone from anywhere.
how to secure Digital wallet, netbanking Transaction Tips

There are some important guidelines for all of us we only have to follow this:-

1)Keep own Personal information secure:-
                                                                     While using Digital banking we have to keep secure own personal information like -Name, address, Bank account details, Debit/Credit Card Details passwords never try to save own passwords in any paper, phone or anywhere else .try to save it in own mind else hackers can access these details and they can steal your money easily.
Did you know How to Secure Our Digital Transaction

2)Keep own eyes open while Going or browsing any web page:-
                                                                        While browsing or opening any web page please check that address of web page is correct or not please match every letter of the website if it is ok then you can go and browse that, there are some right and wrong web page names be like:-,,, etc
Did you know How to Secure Our Digital Transaction ?
                  These pages look like original web pages but these are not a real page which we have to visit hackers try to trick(Manipulate) us by using wrong URL or address by using phishing.for avoid this issues you can check own URL because your browser shows you details about that page if that page is ok then its come with secure layer or protocol that all web page have to cross first deploy on the web that is where https shows this web page is ok and secure for user to use .or you can also use browser settings to use own browsing session as safe browse where if browser find any page that contains some major issues it automatically block it.

3)Clear own browsing data after using it:-
                                                                                Try to remove own browsing history because when you delete browsing history it also deletes your details that are saved in browser session as an encrypted format or as it is whenever we use net browser saves our recent works in cookies and hackers can access to them easily and gather our information.

4)Try to avoid public wifi or Bluetooth:-
Did you know How to Secure Our Digital Transaction ?                                                                              
While using digital transaction try to avoid Public or unsecured wifi or b Bluetooth networks because by using these things any one can send viruses on your mobile or laptop and they can get your every detail without your permission.

5)Only Add money in the digital wallet when you need it:-
                                                                                    Digital wallet are very low on security scale when you use any digital wallet don't add much more money without any use because it is in your phone and its not clear that your phone is always in your hand and if any anonymous person got access on your phone then they can easily transfer your money without your information or passing any security service.or by mistake, you uninstall that wallet you can also loose own money so my opinion to use digital wallet whenever you need.

6)Password Scale:-
                                This is most important fact that we have to follow, on regular basis we have to change own password and make it as strong for someone to guess or find out don't use own name, Birth Details or any other information that anyone else knows very easily and try as your password or may they have good luck then they can breach into your Security .so I suggest to keep own password strong like alphanumeric letters and special characters included it in.
Example of a password and a Strong password:-
how to secure Digital wallet, netbanking Transaction Tips
strong password: -Raju78@Name123
and also always change own mobile and laptop password continuously.

7)By Using Verified Antivirus solutions:-
                                                                                Whenever you have to use the internet i am suggesting please purchase a verified antivirus program and use it that program restrict unknown sites to access to your computer.there are several antivirus programs available in the market like: -Quickheal, Macafee, KaspersKey, Avast, Avira etc.and also update them on a particular time period.
Did you know How to Secure Our Digital Transaction

7)Update own Operating System:-

Did you know How to Secure Our Digital Transaction

       Always use original things don't try to use pirated things because pirated things also may have some virus included in it.and update them continuously for own safety.
Did you know How to Secure Our Digital Transaction

                         I know you all thinks if it is so much dangerous to use it then wey every one is saying to use it because we have to make some changes in our current economy and it is for us if we use cashless transaction much more then we have log of our data our money then no one able to make black money and store it every transaction details are under our government then no one can easily hide any thing and every one who come in tax criteria they have to submit own tax because government have every details about them then it also help to grow our base and add values in our economy .