How to save smartphone, laptop, tablet battery life | increase

Did you know How to save smartphone, laptop, tablet  battery life | increase?

How to save smartphone, laptop, tablet  battery life | increase

Have a smartphone, laptop or tablet may be anything, all these gadgets is lithium ion and lithium-poly. These gadgets use the full day or even multi-tasking is bound to be quick battery consumption. Battery life is limited, you have to apply repeatedly charging gadgets, but also not to charge at all times, so that today we bring to you some tips on your smartphone, laptop or tablet's battery Life will help increase:

How to Save your smartphone, laptop, tablet  battery life mentions below:-

How to save smartphone, laptop, tablet  battery life | increase

1. Avoid free app
An American Research said mobile processors like the work of his mind, so that receives free apps with ads you use, so it slows down. Free apps no effect on the performance of the battery, but the apps are available with ads, the processor bandwidth and affecting. So far as possible, free apps Avoid use.

2. Keep location tracking of 
Not long ago, news of the Facebook app on your mobile is the largest consumer of the battery. This happens because it learns the user's location and the address of the location using the GPS module is running. It is therefore essential that the application for location tracking of your location information may not necessarily for them. Location tracking of Android phones could go into the settings. IOS location tracking feature of 9, go to Settings, select Privacy, then Location Services, click. Every app you can disable location according to its application, who do not have access to their location did not need to keep on.

3. Keep temperatiure low
Many smartphone apps running simultaneously and use the battery slows down the whole day. Do not use the battery at High Temperature. Do not place on the dashboard of the car, such as mobile and as far as possible, try to protect it from the heat. The lower the temperature, your device will be able to perform better. Is considered to be above 30 degrees Celsius temperature. For exactly the same laptop's battery is also essential that it be cool or cold, the cooling pad can be used so that vent hot air from the CPU becomes easy to stay the course, keep in mind that should not stop vent Do not let the dust settle on it and the laptop. Keep it clean. The vent is closed laptop battery quickly becomes warm and can harm laptop.

4. Charge the battery completely before the end of
Often when a user sees his mobile battery or just a line in a red indication is visible only if the mobile battery charging, so better than 100 per cent better than charging by moving directly to 0 when the batteries become discharged to 50 percent, and only apply to charging. Doing so will increase battery discharge cycle three times. Lenovo Mobile is following this rule, its battery maintenance settings customization you can do it on their own. According to the Association, for setting charging 40 per cent and 50 per cent to close at the beginning, should be.

5. Update apps on Wi-Fi
If you update apps on Wi-Fi will also reduce battery consumption. In fact, the action of the pressure on the processor or bandwidth, it takes too much CPU power. Wi-Fi is available in the update on
 The phone, it's charging time schedule. Android users can download apps from the Play Store app launch there before and then open the menu by swiping on the screen, turn on the left side> Settings>
 Auto-update, go to the app. Now select the Wi-Fi only mode.

6. Use flight mode
If your phone is not close to the cell tower will have an impact on the standby time. If you are at a place where there is no network that the phone would be better in airplane mode (flight mode) to make active.Your phone will search for networks such places often have an impact on battery life. Your phone searches for the network such places, where the connectivity issue and in the process will have an impact on battery life. So if you're at a place where there is no network that the phone would be better in airplane mode (flight mode) to make active. This will reduce battery consumption.

7. Keep the display brightness low
Laptop or mobile are important to both reducing the display's brightness. As such, devices available is the option to reduce the brightness. When the device is not active, then how long to stay on, the battery can be saved by setting. Third-party apps such as brightness to low Lux can be used. Right-clicking on the battery icon in the Windows laptop Tap Power Options. Windows will then automatically reduce brightness.
How to save smartphone, laptop, tablet  battery life | increase

Hopefully the above tips will be helpful in increasing the battery life of your Smartphone, laptop, tablet