iBall exemplaire compbook 14-inch laptop review

iBall exemplaire compbook 14-inch laptop review | iBall excelance compbook 11.6-inch laptop review

 iBall exemplaire compbook 14-inch laptop review

Old war erupted between laptop manufacturers have now gone up to the budget range. Prices are at the lowest level. Today date, the system will get you license Windows 10 to Rs 10,000. Because of this laptop is now accessible to everyone. If you look at the figures for sales of smartphones under Rs 10,000 or Rs 15,000 most sales are in segments. These customers now have the opportunity to buy laptops at the same price.We recently had the RDP Thinbuk review. To get around Rs 9,999. This 14-inch screen of any laptop was by far the lowest price. Now a well-known brand, the RDP Thinbuk challenge iBall has introduced two new products are 14-inch  iBall Exemplaire CompBook Rs 13,999 and Rs 9,999  iBall Excelance CompBook 11.6-inch The screen size is the only difference between the two models. We had a chance to review the variants with a larger display.

iBall Exemplaire CompBook look and design

 iBall exemplaire compbook 14-inch laptop review

Keep in mind the price we have no complaints.iBall Exemplaire CompBookr is extremely slim.The iBall deep brown color used on the laptop. Stylish K logo is present in the middle of the lid. At one edge of the logo and iBall. A DC power port and LED, USB 2.0 port and mini-HDMI video output gain. The second USB port, 3.5mm audio jack, and a microSD card slot are on the right. Speakers on the panel. Because of this, there is a muffled voice.fan not available because the laptop used Atom processor.The delete button is a little strange place. You will not find the Windows menu button. We also found that there are no shortcut buttons to control the screen brightness is not.Looking at the screen and keyboard that is around them too much plastic was used, but it is not too great. The screen is a bit dull and grainy.Viewing angles are not very good. But once again we must remember iBall Exemplaire CompBook price.Total weight is 1.46 kg. Placing the laptop to travel with full flexibility. However, it is not the very strong product. We found that the body can easily be diverted. It is possible to rotate the entire laptop.

iBall Exemplaire CompBook Specification and software

 iBall exemplaire compbook 14-inch laptop review

The Intel Atom Z processor 3735 F  iBall Exemplaire CompBook has been used. It is extremely old but is fully capable for general use. The CPU you will get more popular and cheap laptops. Z 3735 F 1.83 GHz quad-core CPU with a clock speed of 1.33 gives. Integrated Intel HD graphics are basic with it.CompBook   Exemplaire 2 GB of RAM. But you have only 32 GB of storage. Our review unit was available for use in only 21.5 GB storage. You can use a microSD card of up to 64GB.It is possible to use external storage device but will run on both Speed USB 2.0 port.The screen resolution is 1366x768 pixels, which is common in low-cost laptops. 32-bit edition of Windows 10, you'll get home. In addition to the official app for Windows 10 software installed, you will not get any more.

iBall Exemplaire CompBook performance

In view of the limited capacity of the hardware, we have assessed the performance of iBall Exemplaire CompBookl. The good thing is that it is the fast start. The credit goes to the flash storage.In general use, it is a bit slow. Windows Settings app and things like context menu are also time to open. General web surfing and creating documents in the work goes well. There was no problem in HD video playback.The keyboard is good for use. But the keyboard is a little deeper in the middle. Keyboard typing is comfortable. If you need a cheap laptop for typing the iBall Exemplaire  CompBook is far better, than their competitors. The trackpad is also quite good, IT was good at multi-gesture. However, it was not entirely accurate.Connectivity and storage are miss. We had to install one by one benchmark. In terms of benchmark tests run on this laptop is not much opportunity. And that we are able to test their results were averaged.Battery life is on the side of the laptop. Battery Eater Pro test in 5 hours 58 minutes. In general use, the battery lasted a day iBall Exemplaire CompBook. As a reminder, during this little web browsing and video streamed on YouTube. However, took a long time to charge the battery.

Our decision

The two biggest drawbacks of the device is extremely cheap Windows components are weak and weak with the appropriate form factor.IBall of the few companies which have brought together some cheap parts has tried to segue into a suitable body. Do not be confused. In the body of the laptop is extremely cheap tablets. But it works. To be fair, it was reviewed by us in this price range is the best laptop.