European Union Regulators have imposed a fine of $ 5 billion on Google's technology company Google.

 Europe has fined Google $5 billion
Europe has fined Google $5 billion, accuses him of keeping his app in Android

The European Commission says Google has misused access to the market of its Android operating system. Apart from this, it has been said that Google has not allowed companies making smartphones to make devices running Android Forked version.

The forked version is Open Source Android which companies customized in their own way. Not only that, it has been said that Google has also given money to large companies and mobile networks to give Google Search in their handsets.

Google's parent company Alphabet has given 90 days to change his business practice. It has been said that if the company fails to do so, then 5% of the daily turnover will be recovered as a fine.

It is worth noting that the fines imposed on Google have been the highest for any company ever imposed. According to a BBC report, Google CEO Sunder Pichai has already told Comprehensive Commission regarding this decision, Margaret Viestager.


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